Why Sell on Amazon?

Now, with more than half of all product searches starting on Amazon, companies need to have an Amazon presence to take advantage of the traffic. It is enormous traffic… millions of people are going to Amazon first when they want to buy something.

Companies without an Amazon presence could be missing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales every year.

To bring in new customers:

Reach millions of customers.

When you sell on Amazon, your products are easier to find and easier to buy. Start selling and increase your customer reach.

To sell more:

When you sell on Amazon, you will benefit from Amazon’s global and trusted brand.

Customers love shopping on Amazon. They know it, they like it and most importantly they trust it. They are more likely to trust your company listings on the Amazon platform and buy from you.

To build brand awareness:

Brand recognition — People trust Amazon, but many are wary of buying from other sites that they’ve never used before.

On Amazon, you can advertise and promote your own brand and products, while benefiting from customers' existing trust in the well-established platform. The more places a customer sees your product, the more aware they’ll be of your brand.

For Exposure to new markets:

You can sign up to sell in every one of Amazon's 11 Marketplaces and sell into 180 different countries. The Amazon platforms solve most of the problems that would be associated with attempting to reach those marketplaces on your own. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) takes care of in country logistics, customer service, language difficulties,

For Business Expansion

Selling on Amazon enables you to expand your business. Amazon is Scalable — Amazon can easily handle spikes in traffic and changes in inventory levels.

With an increase in sales, there's no need to worry about inventory space, manpower for managing, packing and delivering orders.

Fraud protection — Amazon takes care of accepting payments and has great fraud protection. One less headache for you to worry about.

To reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Sellers moving to Amazon have said that acquisition cost per customer is a fraction of the cost elsewhere.